Added on 2017-06-22 15:55:58

PodCast Of 1000s

Late-night talk, showcasing performers, in less time, with zero the budget!

The show's title stems from the idiom "cast of thousands" which loosely means all the people it takes to pull off a performance. The podcast is a late-night talk format, showcasing performers, from Actors to YouTubers, and everything in between. Each episode includes a guest performer interview, showcased artist/band music and bits.

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "PodCast Of 1000s" podcast:

If you're an Actor, Athlete, Circus Performer, Clown, Comedian, Comedy Troupe, Contortionist, Dancer, Host, Humorist, Hypnotist, Impressionist, Magician, Mentalist, Model, Musician, Psychic, Stuntperson, Tribute Act, Ventriloquist, YouTuber or any other performer type, we want you on a future episode.

As a guest, you can expect a pre-interview call to help you understand our process and what to look forward to during the interview. Also on the pre-interview call, we can discuss the content of the interview as well as anything you'd like to promote during your episode.

As a musician, you and your music will be showcased after a guest interview.

Whether you become a guest or have your music showcased in one of our episodes, PodCast Of 1000s promises to connect to all your social networks and promote any of your upcoming performances to our audience. As long as you promote them, we'll promote them. We make this promise to you to show how honored we are to have you as a part of the #PodCastOf1000sFamily!

If you are interested in being on this podcast please submit your pitch below:

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