That's a Shame

That's a Shame

There's a lot going on in the bad, bad world, and someone’s got to keep an eye on it all. That’s where we come in! Join Bronze-Award-winning hosts Isaac and Declan on a light-hearted exploration of the very worst cultural artefacts our dying planet has to offer.

This podcast is looking for the following guests...

We're looking for guests who have strong opinions about, usually, fairly trivial things to be part of our episode-ending feature.

The idea is simple (so simple, in fact, that it’s effectively stolen/borrowed from Room 101). Essentially, given that the basic premise of our show is to discuss things we find annoying, saddening, or downright shameful, we would like you to come along with something that particularly irks you, and we’ll have a chat about it for ~10 minutes.

Of course, we'll give you plenty of time to plug your own show, social media, or whatever you'd like people to know about. It should be fun, won't take up much of your time, and it's always nice to meet more people in the podcasting community.

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