Thinking Liberty

Thinking Liberty is a podcast about travel oriented lifestyles and the interesting people who live them.

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "Thinking Liberty" podcast:

We are looking for two types of guests:

1) People living interesting lifestyles where travel is a big priority. For example, we've interviewed a backpacker, cycle tourist, flight attendant, someone living abroad, and a digital nomad. We ourselves live in an RV and travel full time while working remotely. This is the main type of guest we are looking for so please contact me if you are living an out-of-the-box lifestyle like this or can connect me with someone who is.

2) People passionate about their city/town. We want to spotlight fun places to travel and give advice on what to do there on a short trip, such as a weekend getaway. So we are looking for guests to tell us about their city and give perspective tourists their expert knowledge on the coolest spots in town.

If you are interested in being on this podcast please submit your pitch below:

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