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Pushing the Limits

Lisa Tamati

Pushing the Limits podcast is all about helping you be the best version of yourself possible. Whether that be in the sporting arena, the boardroom or at home with the family. Host Lisa Tamati is an ex professional ultra endurance athlete with 25 years experience competing in the world's toughest endurance events and leading expeditions. She is the author of 3 international best selling books, is a documentary producer, speaker, serial entrepreneur and health optimisation coach. Her guests are world leading experts in health science, medicine, biohacking, complementary medicine as well as high performance experts, elite athletes and those with empowering stories. You can find out more at www.lisatamati.com

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Leading doctors, scientists, biohackers in the health and longevity space, anti aging space, high performance experts, elite athletes with powerful stories

Elder Sign: A Weird Fiction Podcast

College-level conversations about the masters of horror literature from H.P. Lovecraft to Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writers Literary and film scholars Other podcast hosts.

The Classic Tales Podcast

Since 2007, I've been recording classic literature in an effort to make the classics accessible and approachable to folks who otherwise wouldn't be exposed to them. I'm a professional audiobook narrator, and I've recorded for many large publishers as well as indie publishing houses and authors. Through following my passion, and sticking to it, I've been able to create a solid show with a loyal fan base. I love hearing from folks who are discovering new authors or are really enjoying listening to the classics they always meant to read, but somehow or other couldn't find the time. Teachers use my podcast to introduce their students to the classics, and during the pandemic, I've given away many of my full length audiobooks for free to schools and anyone who needs them.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

I'm not looking for guests for my show, but I'd love to talk about books, audiobooks, and the relationship of audiobooks to literacy. I was a slow reader growing up, and it wasn't until I discovered audiobooks in my 20s that I was able to really read well. Now I do it professionally.

Book Lover's Companion - The English Version

It is a podcast about books, genres, authors, readers, and more. We invite authors to talk about their books, their writing process, their readers, and everything in between. We also talk about books we enjoyed to give our listeners ideas what to read next.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Book lovers, authors, book sellers. Everyone, who enjoys books and everything to do with books.

The Art Life

What if art were less about goals and more about living? The Art Life is a podcast and emerging philosophy exploring what it means to be an artist. Each episode questions what art has to do with life: from nature to notebooks, from happiness to home renovations. Your hosts are actress Grace Gordon and writer Xandra Robinson-Burns. They share stories of how art weaves meaning into all that we do. ‘Being an artist’ can be a job, but also an identity, a lifestyle, and a reminder to spend time away from screens. In conversation, The Art Life redefines ‘art’ as expansive, inclusive, and grounding. This show is for everyone because everyone can be an artist. Tune in for art chats and interviews. We hope you’re inspired to adopt an art life of your own.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Artists, and creative people who live an art life.

The Marketing Book Podcast

Douglas Burdett

Fun, weekly interviews with authors of new marketing and sales books. Named by LinkedIn and Forbes as one of the top marketing and sales podcasts. Hosted by Douglas Burdett, a marketing agency principal, former artillery officer, Madison Avenue ad man, and stand-up comedian.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Authors of new marketing or sales books.

Disappearing Spoon

A topsy-turvy science-y history podcast by Sam Kean. I examine overlooked stories from our past: the dental superiority of hunter-gatherers, the crooked Nazis who saved thousands of American lives, the American immigrants who developed the most successful cancer screening tool in history, the sex lives of dinosaurs, and much, much more. These are charming little tales that never made the history books, but these small moments can be surprisingly powerful. These are the cases where history gets inverted, where the footnote becomes the real story.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

People who love history and who love science.

An Intelligent look at Terrorism

Phil Gurski

What is happening in the world of terrorism, as seen through the eyes of a former intelligence analyst.
In this podcast, retired Canadian intelligence analyst Phil Gurski discusses the subject of terrorism: what it is (and isn’t), trends, developments and more. Author of five books on terrorism, Phil is not shy to wade into controversial matters and provide his perspective honed from more than three decades in intelligence.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

I am looking for anyone who worked in counter terrorism for security intelligence or law enforcement agencies, former terrorists (i.e. those who have renounced terrorism), academics who study terrorism, anyone who works in outreach and civic engagement to tackle the roots of terrorism, anyone who...

The Inspiring Talk

The Inspiring Talk is a weekly podcast show where host Bijay Gautam interviews today’s most successful and Inspiring personalities every week to help you realize your inner potential. These successful people range from Authors of best-selling books, Entrepreneurs, celebrities, sport-persons and thought leaders. Visit http://theinspiringtalk.com for latest updates and information.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Personal transformation experts- Nutrition, Fitness, Meditation, Consciousness, Self-love, forgiveness Art of connection, Biohacking, etc.

Hello Today Podcast

I talk to entrepreneurs of all kinds and all edges of the world about what they do and why they do it! Some are passionate about their company, others are just passionate about problem-solving. It's always an interesting conversation and we as well as the audience learn from it!

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

If you are an entrepreneur of any kind (have business, make youtube videos, write books, artist, ...) or have been an entrepreneur in the past, I'm interested! I'll talk to anyone who has a story to share :)

The Segilola Salami Show

The Segilola Salami Show is a once-weekly podcast show set in a virtual cafe about books and publishing. The aim of the show is to be both entertaining and educative. At the end of each episode, it is hoped that the listeners would learn something new from each guest.

To appear as a guest on The Segilola Salami Show, please do so via the show's booking page http://www.segilolasalami.co.uk/podcast-segilola-salami/appear-as-a-guest/

To find out what past guests on the show have to say about their time coming on the show, please check out the show's testimonials page http://www.segilolasalami.co.uk/podcast-segilola-salami/testimonials/

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

The ideal guest on The Segilola Salami Show is someone who:

1) has read at least one book and can talk about that book, bonus points if you are an author and

2) you have a story or message to share that can motivate or inspire the listeners of the show and/or

3) you are a professional or...

The Spoken World Podcast

Inviting spoken word artistes, poets, writers, authors and enthusiasts from around the world to share their heartfelt pieces, experiences and inspiration through the form of performance poetry and books.
We realise that we're not really as different as we think we are.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

I am looking for guests who are enthusiastic about writing. Performance poets, published authors and podcasters who discuss books and other forms of literature on their podcasts.

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