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Mystery Podcasts

These mystery podcasts are looking for great podcast guests to be on their shows.

When Killers Get Caught

When Killers Get Caught is a 2 hour long podcast featuring Brittany Ransom (as seen on 20/20) and Brian Joyner discussing popular true crime headlines, a deep dive into a serial killers or major true ...

Pitch Podcast

Old Time Radio Listener

You don't need to sit around the radio any longer to listen to radio programs. Now a days you can put in ear plugs and listen via your cell phones, or iPods. I just want to share some of my favorite O...

Pitch Podcast

Unsolved Mysteries: Solved?

Every week we discuss a new unsolved or unexplained mystery. We talk about the facts of the mystery in a comedic way, and at the end of the episode we "solve" it.

Pitch Podcast

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