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Sowerby & Luff

Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby have been writing and performing together for over 15 years and have presented some of the UK’s most critically acclaimed podcasts. Over 11 million downloads on Apple Podcasts. B&G have been runners up in the European Podcast Awards and have presented breakfast shows at Coast 96.3 FM and at 102.8 Chorley FM. Their autobiography is called Sex Tips for Pandas. Season 19 of The Sowerby & Luff Show started in March 2020.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:


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That's a Shame

A 'comedy' podcast hosted by bronze-award winning, British nobodies, Isaac BD and Declan Dillane.

It's conversational, and loosely held together by discussion of things we consider to be 'a shame' which, so far, have ranged from bad Edinburgh Fringe stand-up to this one racist guy we found on Twitter in 2014.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

We're looking for guests who have strong opinions about, usually, fairly trivial things to be part of our episode-ending feature.

The idea is simple (so simple, in fact, that it’s effectively stolen/borrowed from Room 101). Essentially, given that the basic premise of our show is to discuss th...

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