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The Nostalgic Vagabond

Allan Hill - the Nostalgic Vagabond

This podcast is about the Nostalgic Vagabond (Allan Hill) and features stories from the globe-trotting days of his 20’s and 30’s. This series focuses on reconnecting with old friends, travellers from every trail, reminiscing on our past journies and contemplating what the future might hold for independent travel and homemade adventures. Have as many of us considered “escapism” as much as we do now?

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "The Nostalgic Vagabond" podcast:

People who have travelled, been on their own individual journeys (still on their journeys), and have interesting tales to share. It can be laugh-out-loud funny, serious and catastrophic, thoughtful, and philosophical. The podcast uses travellers' anecdotes to promote the idea of travel to each listener and inspire them to take seeds of knowledge from each guest and their travel/life experience in order to create their own journeys in the future, whatever than might mean.

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