Allan Hill - the Nostalgic Vagabond

You can always escape in your mind, as you listen to tales of adventure from all kids of travellers all over the world.

Hi. I'm Allan Hill - the Nostalgic Vagabond.
I lived out of a back for most of my 20's and some 30's. I'm less of a nomad these days.

During 2020, Covid came, and the world went into lockdown. Travel was off. Most of us were trapped in our own houses.
Zooming-in to places all over the world, this podcast is all about conversations I have with other travellers. Many I know well.
We catch up (see if we're all still alive) and reminisce of all our past adventures and talk about some of the issues around travel today.
Plus there is always a bit of dreaming going on about what we are yet to achieve. The places we want to go, things to see...

I've lived and worked in four countries and explored about 30. I'm very interested in culture and cuisine and getting to know regular people from all walks of life.

I've been podcasting for about half a year and have more ideas going forward into 2021.

Podcasts by Allan Hill - the Nostalgic Vagabond.

The Nostalgic Vagabond

This podcast is about the Nostalgic Vagabond (Allan Hill) and features stories from the globe-trotting days of his 20’s and 30’s. This series focuses on reconnecting with old friends, travellers from every trail, reminiscing on our past journies and contemplating what the future might hold for independent travel and homemade adventures. Have as many of us considered β€œescapism” as much as we do now?

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