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Elder Sign: A Weird Fiction Podcast

College-level conversations about the masters of horror literature from H.P. Lovecraft to Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

Horror, fantasy, and science-fiction writers Literary and film scholars Other podcast hosts.

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Continuum Force

A team of time travelers discovers a terrible truth. The chronicles we’ve known may not be our past, it could have been altered, our memories changed and history itself set on a different path. They investigate these anomalies, traveling to different periods of our ancient history to stop the malevolent enemy trying to write a new chapter in humanity’s story. They are our only defense, heroes of ages ago, today, and the Future. They are…the Continuum Force.

Continuum Force is a full-cast fiction podcast series created by Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment and Brazen Wench Productions, LLC.

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

We currently offer commercial slots in our broadcast as well as testimonials (in-character testimonials can be done as well). We are a fiction podcast, so we're always looking for aspiring voice actors to assume guest starring roles.

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