The One Big Tip Podcast

Jeff Mendelson

I'm a firm believer in Pay It Forward. I recognize that you are looking for that one golden nugget, that one piece of advice, or maybe that one little push which will propel your business to the next level (or even many levels). So I created this podcast in order to help you easily meet interesting people, established entrepreneurs, and gather all of those tools and tips into one interesting place. My goal is to help you scale, organize and find the explosive growth that you need to jump to the next level.

Everyone has this one secret that no one tells. The one secret tactic, treasured app, or hard-learned process that is singularly responsible for allowing them to shine. In the podcast, you will hear how action-takers who are in the trenches rise above and demonstrate excellence in their craft. Through our candid interview, we will talk about what these tactics are, and how they are used to gain more customers and live the life that they are meant to live.

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "The One Big Tip Podcast" podcast:

The format is simple: I bring on interesting and compelling guests where you will drop your "ONE BIG TIP" value-bomb; something that you are using TODAY in your business to scale-up, take action and kill it in your space.

The recorded interview is about 15-20 minutes
We will record on either Zoom or
Intro: Jeff will ask about your background. No right or wrong answer or way to share your personal story. Who are you and why are you awesome

Best Practices:
The best way to prepare is to listen to a few episodes to get a feel for the flow
While no two episodes are alike, the format is consistent in terms of questioning
You will have a brief "warm up" before the recording begins. It's not live and the episodes are edited, so have fun!
Interview Questions
The format is simple. I'm going to ask you (with some variations) these questions. We may expand on your answers during the interview, so there is room for improvising:

Q1: Tell me who you are and what makes you so awesome?

Q2: THE BIG TIP: What golden nugget, secret nuclear weapon, or ninja tactic can you share. Your ONE BIG TIP IS:

An app: Slack, Teamwork and how you use them in your business.
A unique tool: An iPad with X, Y, and Z apps that resolve a specific and definable problem in my business.
A process: Standard procedures, known management methodologies, etc.
Your big tip IS NOT: An intangible, an idea, or abstract concept. I.e. “Be confident” is not a tip. Your tip should be concrete, definable, and readily available to the public.

Q3: Tell us where we can find your product or service.

If you are interested in being on this podcast please submit your pitch below:

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