Keeping it Real on Purpose Ed-Cast

Keeping it Real on Purpose Ed-Cast

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Keeping it Real on Purpos...

Welcome to the ED-CAST Original, where host Edna White and her guests cracks open the stories of real people, just like you and me. Each episode, we dive deep into the triumphs, challenges, and life lessons that forge our unique journeys. Join us as we uncover the guiding principles that shape who we are, and the hidden potential waiting to be unleashed.

This podcast is looking for the following guests...

Calling all authors and entrepreneurs with stories that defy the highlight reel! Are you tired of the sugarcoated success narratives that dominate the conversation? Do you crave a platform to share the messy middle, the stumbles, the lessons learned from failures alongside the triumphs?

If you believe in the power of authenticity and vulnerability, then we want to hear from you! We're searching for guests who are ready to dive deep, peel back the layers, and share their entrepreneurial journeys in all their raw, unfiltered glory.

This is not for the faint of heart. We welcome stories of resilience in the face of setbacks, doubts overcome, and lessons learned the hard way. Did you pivot your business after a near-fatal mistake? Did you launch with great fanfare only to face unexpected challenges? Did you experience personal struggles that impacted your entrepreneurial journey?

Your story matters. By sharing your unvarnished experiences, you can inspire others, offer valuable insights, and help shatter the illusion of effortless success.

If you:

Have a published book or a thriving business.
Are passionate about sharing your authentic journey.
Believe in the power of vulnerability and real talk.
Can articulate your story in an engaging and inspiring way.
Then we want you! Contact us today to discuss your story and explore how you can be a guest on our platform. Let's break down the walls, celebrate the real triumphs, and empower others through the shared experience of the entrepreneurial journey, warts and all.

Remember, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey itself. And your journey, with its twists, turns, and hard-won wisdom, is exactly what we're looking for.

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