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Podcast By: Lain Lee

Fear Less University

Welcome to Fear Less University, the podcast where we discuss, dissect, and examine some of life's greatest fears. I'm Coach Lain Lee, performance coach and fear psychology enthusiast, here to help you understand your greatest fears. Fear is my passion, curiosity is my nature, and understanding is the gift I seek to share with all who will listen. Each episode, I invite a guest on to offer their special brand of wisdom and expertise to help unlock the mysteries of fear! What we discuss on this show is not an exact science, but in all things, we seek understanding. Because if we can seek to understand more, we can learn to fear "fear itself" less!

We are looking for the following guests to be on our podcast:

The Fear Less U™ is a podcast in which we are looking for positive, enthusiastic people who are open to exploring the concept of fear and how our culture misinterprets and misunderstands it, and like-minded in the idea that we need to change the rhetoric of fear to be better able to outperform it.

The Fear Less U™ is intended to reach all peoples of all walks of life. Whether you’re a high-performing athlete or a high-performing CEO, or a single parent of 3 struggling with a debilitating fear of failure, we’re looking for guests who are just like our listeners - normal people seeking to accomplish extraordinary things by outperforming and UTILIZING their fears!

That being said, we’re looking for: Sport psychologists, therapists, physicists, mental health experts, clinicians, CEOs, athletes, coaches, actors, authors, dancers, singers, influencers...honestly, anyone who is able to offer their expertise in their field to speak on the topic of "understanding fear to use it maximize your potential and step into your greatness”!

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