Cracking the Cash Flow Code

Josh Patrick

At Cracking the Cash Flow Code we focus on what it takes for a blue collar business to become personally and economically sustainable. This leads to the business being sale-ready even if the owner has no interest in selling.

When a company becomes sale-ready you as the owner will have more fun and make more money than you ever thought possible.

We bring thought leaders and other private business owners to you so you can learn what it takes to crack the cash flow code in your business.

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "Cracking the Cash Flow Code" podcast:

We're looking for guests who have direct knowledge in how to strategically and tactically make a blue collar business. Our perfect guest is someone who has deep knowledge in an area that will help a business owner create a business that will provide more value to all of their stakeholders.

Our listeners are blue collar and main street business owners. We are not interested in internet sellers or internet marketers unless they have deep knowledge in how to help local business create more customers.

We are looking for people who have expertise in operations, hiring, systems, SCRUM, the theory of constraints, finance, banking, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, sales, developing corporate values, creating boards of directors, corporate strategies and cash flow.

If you fit any of these areas, feel free to contact us and apply to be on our show.

If you are interested in being on this podcast please submit your pitch below:

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