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Bite Size Biographies

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Bite Size Biographies is the podcast of life stories. In each episode a guest describes their life in their own words.

We are looking for the following guests to be on the "Bite Size Biographies" podcast:

We're looking for guests who are ready to tell their life story. Guests should be ready to discuss their lives from beginning to end, in their own words, with honesty. Honesty means talking about your life from a realistic perspective, not manicured to fabricate a specific image, or focused entirely on the aspects of your life that relate to your book/show/product you're selling now. Guests have the opportunity to pitch their product and plug their work at the end of their interview. If a guest records an interview that is deemed to sound like nothing more than a commercial, that episode may not air in order to protect the integrity of the show and maintain the standard and image we are cultivating.

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