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About One Lump or Two?

Welcome to "One Lump or Two?", a poignant podcast that delves into the authentic and unfiltered journey of two 30 - something women who unexpectedly discovered their shared run-in with breast cancer. Living within a stones throw from each other, Shelley and Kate, unbeknownst to them, were both diagnosed within a six-month period. What initially began as a plea for support on social media blossomed into the weird and wonderful friendship it is today. Forged through shared shittiness, unwavering (but also definitely wavering) bravery, and a wobbly commitment to confront life's challenges.

What kind of guest might make a good fit?

Seeking guests who can provide insight into navigating breast cancer diagnosis and building unexpected friendships through shared challenges for our podcast "One Lump or Two?".

Note: Guest insights are created with AI assistance.