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About Hungry For More - Hunger Games Mini Dive

Thirsty For More is an exciting movie review/recap podcast hosted by two brothers: Milenko and Aleks. Join them as they take season long deep dives into the movies of some of their favourite actors/franchises. The show is as much about their relationship and dynamic as it is about their nostalgic love of these properties. Known for their uncanny impressions, fiery hot takes, and nonstop excitement the conversations are as nuanced as they are ridiculous. With hilarious soundbite editing and total musical immersion Thirsty For More will leave you thirsty for more.

Season 1: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Schwartzy The Podcast)
Mini Dive: Back To The Future Tilogy
Mini Dive: Home Alone
Season 2: Jean Pod Van Damme
Mini Dive: Alien Franchise
Mini Dive: Thirsty For Jones
Chow Yun-Fat Mini Dive - Thirsty For Black Belt Cinema
Season 3: Stallone Cuts
Season 4: Planet Bruce (Bruce Willis)

What kind of guest might make a good fit?

Seeking guests who can provide insight into the Hunger Games franchise, whether it's analyzing the movies, discussing the books, or exploring the themes of survival and rebellion in the dystopian world.

Note: Guest insights are created with AI assistance.