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About Being A Parent Is Hard!

Being A Parent is Hard! As clinical psychologists working with children, teens, and parents, we are here to make a difficult job just a little easier. Come behind the closed door of the psychotherapy office, as we offer insight, hands-on tools and unique strategies to help you better understand and help your children. Focusing on the challenges of normal development and the more serious concerns that parents bring to us everyday, we will be talking about issues such as emotional communication, discipline, limit setting, ADHD, social media, academic pressure, anxiety, bullying, parental disagreements, substance abuse and more. We will touch on it all. Please join us! Contact us at: beingapersonishardpodcast@gmail.com

What kind of guest might make a good fit?

Seeking guests who can provide insight into parenting challenges, child development, and mental health to join us on the podcast Being A Parent Is Hard! - contact us at beingapersonishardpodcast@gmail.com.

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