Ali Awad

Forbes Featured Injury Attorney

Ali is the product of Palestinian Immigrant parents who moved to the Bible Belt in Dalton, Georgia to raise six children. Work was not limited to adults in the Awad household. By age 13 Ali began buying and selling electronics online. Before long he built a full e-commerce store to help support his family. "I distinctly remember selling over $10,000 worth of refurbished Audiobahn amplifiers and Kicker L7 subwoofers in one week," he said. "It wasn't about the money; it was about the thrill of running my own business and doing something I actually loved." By age 15 Ali became financially independent, before even getting his driver's license. By the time he graduated high school he had changed over 10,000 tires, won over 100 fights, and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

At age 21, Ali applied for law school and received a scholarship to start his juris doctorate. After the first year he wanted to take on a new challenge so he began his masters degree in business at 22. The following year he completed 59 credit hours while remaining at the top of his class, working two legal jobs, becoming a published author, and managing his automotive customization company (which his younger brother Sam has since taken over). At age 24, Ali became one of the youngest JD/MBA graduates in Georgia State history and Snapchatted the graduation hooding ceremony.

After law school, Ali took a job working for $40,000 a year because he wanted to learn about personal injury. In his first year of practicing law, he successfully litigated a medical malpractice case and won a toxic mold exposure case. However, his true passion was in car accidents.

With this in mind, Ali quit his job and started his own firm that focuses on car accident cases. Because he provides free legal advice on Instagram (@ceolawyer) and many other social media channels, he has amassed a following of over 250,000 followers. He handles cases for clients who speak Arabic, English, and Spanish, as he is fluent in all three languages. Ali seems to have accomplished so much in under 30 years, but for him it's just the beginning.

He now has a media company dedicated to teaching attorneys and other professionals how to brand and market themselves on social media. “I think too many people are playing in 2005 when they should be competing in 2025. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and if you’re a professional you will either adapt or die. Simple as that.”

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