Claudius Taylor

Experienced entrepreneur and start-up visionary| Host of the prowl report and oh heel yeah podcasts| Soccer superstar|Lover of people through Claudius Cares| Outstanding music producer|

Claudius Taylor is a serial entrepreneur that loves solving problems. From a young age, he was set on making the world a better place through actions of philanthropy and civility. Growing up in a migrant community taught him that working hard and wit was the only thing that stood between him and his dreams. At the age of seven, Claudius put together an entire computer with just a box of spare parts and whatever else he could get his hands on at yard sales; an investment that produced a burgeoning engineer. He would then go on to launch several ventures such as a lawn care service and eBay phone-flipping business all before the age of 14.

As he gained more experience in technology, Claudius eventually came to see the large disconnect between app development and web development experience and time to market for entrepreneurs, acknowledging the lack of services in place to give them the opportunity to iterate ideas fast. This realization inspired the launch of Gambix, the AI/ML Saas company that can build fully-responsive and designed websites in just minutes. With the mission of helping entrepreneurs share their dreams with consumers, he learned to create attention around people and their stories utilizing online platforms. This desperately-needed service allowed entrepreneurs to add value to their businesses while staying in touch with what consumers wanted and severely driving down the costs of development.

Claudius is the author of the art collection "100 poems you'll never read"

He is also the lead contributor to the Maduseful ecosystem, which is a platform that enables rapid life transformation through good habits and empowers the goal of financial freedom. (

He is a professional soccer player and producer


The Prowl Report

On our podcast, we cover the NFL football team the Carolina Panthers. We share interesting news and notes and debate topics around the NFL.

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