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Guru Gran and creator of Maga Therapy and First Aid For Stress, Dawn Symons, discusses all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing

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About Dawn Symons

I was born to ‘help people’. So I am grateful to be able to do this through my work at Maga Therapy & First Aid For Stress. Having studied psychology, sociology, human biology, nursing and counselling.I designed Maga Therapy to be whole body healing – physical and emotional. I have lectured and written widely, specialising in tension & stress reduction irrespective of the cause, applying the latest scientific thinking to provide logical, effective & progressive results.

I am lucky enough to be following my life purpose… To be able to connect with another soul at a time of significant upset, pain, worry or fear and to be able to offer simple, peaceful healing honours my true calling. I have always known that ‘making people feel better and helping people’ was my ‘life purpose’. Over the past three decades I have worked with people of all ages to reduce both their physical or emotional tension, pain, fatigue and fears.

As a young adult entering the healing/ caring profession I spent nearly three years dealing with death and cancer before I realised that nursing was not for me. However, I now know that I was ‘supposed’ to be there, the universe had worked hard to get me ‘in-situ’ to observe a very special event, although at that time I had no idea that it was ‘important’.
Twenty eight years later, the universe moved mountains to ensure that again I was ‘in-situ’ to observe the exact same phenomena, repeatedly for a year or so.

The circumstances around these ‘event’ proved categorically to me, as well as other independent medical observers, how the human body really functions. For me personally I was able to take that understanding much further – I realised that I’d found ‘a missing link

In 2002 I became a Reiki Master, a role I took very seriously. I understood that in order to heal another person you must heal yourself first… thirteen years later after cancer, M.E. burnout, divorce and singlehood I finally had the tools, experience and knowhow to kick start my life..

As 2015 drew to a close I knew that I had mastered not only, physical and spiritual healing but I finally saw and understood the ‘missing’ physical/emotional link.

I finally understood how to heal my life and how help you heal yours. I look forward to sharing my journey with you,


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