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Helping people heal through tarot, Reiki, mentorship and more.

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About Natasha Baker

Welcome, bright soul 💕✨

I am a spiritual coach, tarot + intuitive reader, Reiki master, and divine channel. My work centers around assisting the collective in processing trauma and unhealthy emotions, connecting with their spiritual guides, and creating a life of peace and abundance. Overall, I just want to see my clients grow into their highest self and reach success in every avenue.

I began my own journey in 2018, after a challenging divorce that forced me to look closely at my patterns and rebuild my life from the ground up. I began therapy, but also dove into holistic methods of healing such as Reiki, chakra healing, and tarot cards. At first, I focused solely on self-healing, but the more layers of myself I uncovered, the more I realized that my life path had led me here for a reason. Healing is my purpose and passion, and I aim to be service to others in their personal growth as much as possible.


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