Isaac Lien

Isaac Lien, head of product and co-founder of senior citizen tablet company GrandPad

Isaac Lien, 25, is co-founder of GrandPad, the first tablet designed for seniors and older adults. GrandPad now connects families in 70 countries around the world.

Isaac has devoted his life to creating software. Meanwhile, Isaac’s grandmother has never owned a computer, and lines of communication he uses every day, such as email and Facebook, are completely foreign to her.

The then 17-year-old Isaac’s attempt to find a way to bring his grandmother up to date using current technology proved to be an imperfect solution, and resulted in more tech support than quality time. Through GrandPad, Isaac is bridging this gap and creating an easy way to keep older generations up to date with their younger family members.

Today, Isaac serves as GrandPad's Head of Innovation & Employee Experience. He is responsible for leading innovative initiatives, as well as developing the GrandPad culture and employee experience.

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