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A Grounded Blend of Spirituality and Psychology, Intriguing Angel Experiences, Methods for Achieving Personal Growth and Angelic Communication, Empath Protection, Mystic Experiences

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About Ivory LaNoue

Almost 30 years of professional psychic, angelic, spiritual counseling, mediumship and healing experience. I have successfully taught my own method of angelic communications to thousands of people around the world. You will find me to be eloquent, fun and entertaining. My style is warm, down-to-earth with helpful information underscored by real-life stories.

My background in the field of mental health is unique in the field of spirituality, giving me an exceptionally grounded outlook. I'm relatable and likeable, which puts people at ease.

Topics I Can Discuss:
1. Connecting with Angels
2. How to feel, see, and hear angels
3. What Angels Look Like
4. Angel Signs
5. Angel Numbers
6. Finding Your Life Purpose with Angelic Assistance
7. Archangels
8. Invocating Archangels for Specific Assistance
9. Real Life Angel Stories
10. Spirit Communications
11. Escaping a Toxic Relationship
12. Recovering from a Toxic Relationship
13. Dark Nights of the Soul
14. Mystic Experiences
15. De fending Yourself Against the Dark
16. Real Life Dark Attack Stories
17. Raising Your Frequency
18. Rising Above Fear
19. My Book, "Let Your Angels Lead: Connecting With Your Angels for Freedom From Fear and Stress

* Long career in the field of mental health. I worked at a psychiatric hospital, with dual diagnosis patients, and
adults with mental health issues. My last position was Program Coordinator for the mental health
program for Yavapai County, Arizona, where I still reside.
* Talkshow Host & Promotions Director for a radio station in central Arizona. Won numerous Arizona AP
awards and created promotions which earned the radio station a coveted Crystal Award.

* Belinda Howell- psychic skills, Reiki, certified Reiki Master.
* Jan Kennedy, PhD.- Medical Qi Gong Energy Healing, certified.
* Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium- Mediumship

* Archangel guide, not yet released by publisher
* Let Your Angels Lead, available now

* The Angel Room- Angels, spirituality, life purpose, personal development & healing.
* Let Your Angels Lead- Learn how to feel, see and hear your angels; receive more angelic guidance. Ivory
reads her book, Let Your Angels Lead, in 10 minute increments.


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