David Serafine

Creator of uniquely visual wordcraft, inspiring community to congress change

* Award winning corporate security professional with 25 years of extensive international security experience. Specific security expertise in the following environments: manufacturing, data center, forward/reverse logistics, and corporate offices. Various focuses to include vulnerability assessments, facility security design, contract security negotiations and program-wide consulting engagements.

*Published by the American Society for Industrial Security in 2005, my book "Value Based Security Procurement" was a global perspective outlining how to effectively design RFPs and value the best strategic partner for the company's needs. A featured publication at the ASIS conference in Orlando.

*Published by the Security World International magazine, my article "Cargo Crime, the Silent Killer" reached a distribution in 20 countries discussing various aspects of cargo crime that erode profit margins. During my career, I have designed best practice secure supply chains in most challenging markets with a risk-based methodology.

*Author of the fictional 'Before the Ashes Fall". Alzheimer's. The novel paints this world with uniquely distinct voices, each struggling to understand and cope with their journeys ahead. Richard, the retired school teacher battling the disease, desperately clings to any memory though is tested by those that still haunt him. Cafferty, a prominent attorney turned memory care advocate, seeks to avenge his mother's humbling battle against the disease with an unparalleled dignity and care. And Danny, Richard's estranged and terminally ill father, who hasn't found a single reason to live, until a cruel fate confronts him with the son he abandoned decades prior. A prominent editor summed the story: "Beautiful, inspiring, scintillating ending, brilliantly conceived. A monumental achievement inspired by love."

Specialties: international security contracts, supply chain security consulting, project management, cost analysis for proper security program integration, facility security design.

Special Skills: Karrass Institute of Negotiation, Workplace Violence Prevention Instructor.


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