Stacey Ruth

The Unstoppable Leader - Using Inner Wisdom for Outrageous Success

Stacey Ruth is unstoppable. She is the founder of 2 multi-million dollar agencies, an acclaimed marketer, entrepreneur and award-winning author. She has been among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs Under 50 in Atlanta, and twice awarded Top 100 β€œIt” Agencies by Experiential Marketer – all before the age of 40.

Stacey has walked on fire, both literally and metaphorically. As a novice entrepreneur, she made nearly every business decision mistake possible – and still managed to thrive. Her businesses have survived personal challenges, the fallout of 9/11 and deep recessions, teaching her how change is not a thing we manage, but a fire that transforms individuals and organizations.

Her second book, Own Your Own Shift: The Passion, Power & Freedom to Be UNStoppable is out January 15, exploring the necessary steps for personal transformation when we are undertaking major life changes.

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