A rough childhood, became a successful entrepreneur, adopted STAR the dog shot by New York City police officer, Charlie and STAR helped those with addiction, and gave HOPE to others

Charlie Cifarrelli is a dear friend who overcame many obstacles as a young man. He rescued STAR the dog who lived in the streets of New York with a homeless man who was shot by a New York City Police officer. Charlie after countless months was able to adopt the dog and he and STAR had a wonderful relationship until STAR'S passing a few months ago. Charlie not only gave STAR a wonderful life, he also offered the homeless man (STAR'S owner) a home and a job with his waste management company in Nebraska. Charlie and STAR travelled to a monastery, countless meetings for those suffering with addictions, prisons and many other groups to give love and hope to those in need. Charlie also sent hair from Star at the parent's request to children with cancer and other medical issues to give them some joy and hope as well. There is a documentary of this wonderful story by David Hoffman an 8 time Emmy Award winner. Charlie and STAR have been interviewed and on the news all over the country, in the UK and STAR has her own WIKIPEDIA page. The story has so much more to tell. I am attaching some information for your review. As a personal childhood friend of Charlie's I can without hesitation say he has one of the biggest hearts of any one I have ever met and genuinely cares for others. He also was a Corrections Officer in Nebraska overseeing death row inmates, giving the message of Jesus Christ to them. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and a retired New York City Police Sergeant. Thank you for your time God bless. Ted Hanlon

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