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About Vincent Leo

Vince Leo has been writing film reviews online since 1996, launching into his own review-based site,, in 2003. He’s a life-long movie fan and avid writer, typing up over 4,000 reviews and counting along the way. Vince has also made his way into radio film reviews in 2013-14 as a weekly on-air reviewer on “Morning Air” for Relevant Radio, before venturing into podcasting with veteran broadcaster and radio personality Sean Herriott for weekly spots on his shows, ”Faith as a Second Language”, “The Joe Convert Show”, and “A Geek Talks Movies”.

In 2015, Vince started his own solo podcast reviewing newly released films with, “The Qwipster Film Review Podcast“, with over 300 recorded episodes to date.

In 2017, Vince began a new weekly podcast venture, “Around the World in 80s Movies“, a sometimes nostalgic, retrospective look at the defining era for Vince’s opinion’s on films during his more formative years.


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