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My Disney Brain: A Brown-Eyed Perspective on 'All Things Disney'.

My Disney Brain is a wonderful and exciting way to stay in touch with 'all things Disney'. From vacation trip planning to park and construction updates, movies, news and so much more. My Disney Brain provides a plethora of information on vacation planning, specifically for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Join us each week as we launch new podcasts, new blog posts, daily Instagram, and Facebook posts that keep the magic alive in each of us until we can get to the Theme Parks again. Make sure you follow us on social media and subscribe to our podcast and blog. We love Disney, and you'll love us. Thanks for listening. We'll see you soon!


My Disney Brain

My Disney Brain is a podcast dedicated to my love of Disney World Theme Parks. This blog is my opportunity to demonstrate my love for the parks, as well as share great tips, tricks, and news about all things Walt Disney World. My family is a Disney family. We may have a unique perspective attending Theme Parks as people of color. Many existing blogs or vlogs are not from this perspective. I wanted to offer this perspective and provide a clear understanding of how awesome this experience can be for everyone. Maybe even provide insights that come with a diverse point of view. I also want to encourage more people of color to visit the parks and who knows, maybe even develop the same love and passion for them as we have. Enjoy the blog!

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