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About David Somerfleck

David Somerfleck is an expert in marketing, having spent over 25 years as a digital marketing project manager and developer, 10 years as a mentor, David's advised and helped hundreds of businesses across the globe accelerate growth using holistic digital marketing combined with traditional marketing and non-traditional approaches. Additionally, David has advised approximately 6 political campaigns following being trained in campaign marketing (also called "messaging") by a consortium of The White House Project and the Colorado Board of Education. David has written for AOL/Time-Warner, taught workshops for Microsoft, the Open Media Foundation, Johnson & Wales University, the City of Denver's Create Expo, the WordPress Foundation, and many others. He is the author of "The Road to Digital Marketing Profits" a workbook primer on how businesses new to digital marketing can bootstrap their way to growing success one step at a time and "Nothing to Do But Stay" a collection of poetry.


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