Amanda Penny

17 year old podcast host producer-director ,influencer and so much more

Hi my name Amanda Penny. I originally started social media at the age of 12 where I was daily volging my life on an Instagram account . I am most known as the 17 year old podcast host . My podcast is called Amanda's World . I run produce direct and manage my podcast all by myself with no help and I'm completely self-taught . I gained a very big following on it I have over 6.7k views and it has been played all over the world . I have worked with a lot of bigger companies such as BuzzFeed , Barstool Sports , Mtv , Young Hollywood . I have Interview tons of producers directors musician influencers excetera and I do a thing on my podcast called small business Saturday . Forgot to mention I've never missed a day of podcasting I started this back in January of 2021 I've been uploading every week since . I also started my high school's podcast trend . when it comes to social media and podcasting I have a lot of experience . If you want to have me on as a guest we have a lot to talk about.

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Podcasts by Amanda Penny

Amanda Penny

Hey what’s up guys? Welcome to Amanda’s World a podcast run by me Amanda Penny a 17 year old. On this podcast I’m going to talk to your favorite influencers and creators and get all your burning questions answered.

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