Sandee Sgarlata

Author of "Happiness Solved: Climbing One Hundred Steps", public speaker, podcaster and self-help junkie!

Sandee Sgarlata was twelve years old and could not have been happier as she climbed the one hundred steps from the river dock to her house, only to learn her older brother had tragically died while serving in the US Army. It was just one of the defining moments in her life.

Facing death has been the underlying theme of her life and the catalyst for her never-ending search and desire to learn how to maintain a sense of peace and happiness. In Happiness Solved, Sgarlata shares her no-nonsense approach to create lasting change. No matter what you’ve experienced and no matter what your daily struggles are, you can learn to achieve a state of peace and happiness.

From the moment she learned about her brother's death, Sgarlata began her quest to return to that place of happiness she felt at the age of twelve. In Happiness Solved, she delivers the message that there is no guarantee how long you have left. Your life will pass you by in a split second. How do you want to spend every day while you’re still here? Life is too short to delay the climb.

Sandee Sgarlata earned a bachelor’s degree in business. She is an author, certified life coach, public speaker, retired US national and international figure skating coach, and has worked twenty years helping people create lasting changes in their lives. Because of tragedies that affected her, she has spent the last thirty years in her own quest to find and maintain a sense of peace and happiness. Sgarlata lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and son.

Podcasts by Sandee Sgarlata

Happiness Solved

Happiness Solved with Sandee Sgarlata shares stories to demonstrate that no matter what you have been through and no matter what your daily struggles are, you can learn to find peace and happiness, especially during stressful times that we are all experiencing in this crazy world.

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