Tim Jordan M.D.

No one understands what girls are going thru today and how to support them better than Tim Jordan M.D.; he's a master storyteller, fun, insightful, & the best interview you'll have all year

Would love to be a guest, 30 years experience counseling girls, running personal growth retreats & summer camps & school programs for girls, I host my own podcast, Raising Daughters, latest book entitled: She Leads: A Practical Guide for Parenting Girls Who Advocate, Influence, and Lead, I can discuss the stresses and pressures on girls today and what girls need from parents, & how to raise girls to be strong leaders.
I'm a fun, warm, knowledgeable guest with 30 years experience speaking internationally,
check me out at:
www.drtimjordan.com can email me at drtim@drtimjordan.com

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