Dr. Toni Cooper

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Christian Psychologist who can simply explain coping skills from a Christian perspective

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About Dr. Toni Cooper

Dr. Toni Cooper is a psychologist, author, and public speaker. Since l986, she has been helping adults develop practical strategies to advance toward personal wholeness, recover from traumatic events, build healthy relationships, and deepen their connection to God. The emphasis in all her work is to help people develop practical coping strategies for the challenges of life. She has published seven books, 100+ videos, and a weekly podcast called “Life Without Baggage” to help people become “Fully Alive” in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Cooper has extensive experience as a inspirational speaker for various community groups, retreats, radio, and television audiences. Toni has presented continuing education seminars for mental health professionals at Case Western Reserve, John Carroll, and Cleveland State Universities. For many years, she served as an adjunct assistant professor with the Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine.

Currently, Dr. Cooper serves as a psychologist at WellSpring Counseling Center where she works with adults and couples. She is a regular guest on WAKR radio where she answers questions about coping with current issues. You can listen to Dr. Cooper’s strategic insights on her podcasts, videos, and social media.


  • Christian counseling
  • Coping
  • Emotional health