Michael Hilliard

Host of The Red Line Podcast, Geopolitics writer (Mostly Eurasia and Ex-Soviets), Conflict Journalist, Warzone Journalist.

Michael Hilliard has been involved in journalism since 2010, working and reporting from countries ranging from Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China, Belarus and many more. He has broken front page news a number of times, and has worked with sources ranging from the White House to the Taliban.

He has appeared on over 200 radio stations around the world speaking on various topics, and has performed and spoken in front of 10,000+ people over the last decade.

He is regularly called upon as an informed source for various publications and also serves on various committees and councils for the Australian government. In addition, Michael is also the host of Australias largest geopolitics show The Red Line; which has gone on to be streamed of 1,000,000 times in over 100 countries

Podcasts by Michael Hilliard.

The Red Line

Three experts, One Story. Every fortnight. We host 3 experts doing a deep-dive into one big geopolitical issue shaping the news.

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