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America's #1 energizeHER Life & Mental Wellness Coach using the power of media to transform the mental health of women across the globe.

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About Tameka Chapman

After experiencing almost 15 years of depression and unhealthy mental health habits as she struggled with her 18-year journey of infertility and other reproductive health challenges, Tameka Chapman realized that she needed to find a way to begin living again and that meant facing the events that had caused her to become depressed. Often, speaking about mental health issues is taboo, but knowing that there are so many more women, men, millennials and youth who are suffering in silence and adding to the continuous rise of mental health challenges and suicide, Tameka Chapman is taking a BIG, BOLD step forward, acknowledging the stereotype and taboo-ness of it all in a style all her own. She has created the safe space to offer resources to others who need the help by hosting "Connections x Conversations" summits where each C&C focuses on a certain group of individuals genuinely sharing their own journeys of mental health challenges, as well as, how life is today after overcoming.

To further help, Tameka Chapman created energizeHER Life & Mental Wellness women's online platform that focuses on energizing women to love the life they live!

Tameka Chapman is the CEO of MogulMedia.us, Founder of "ENERGIZE|HER Life & Mental Wellness, an award-winning keynote speaker, international bestselling author, U.S. Navy Veteran, and television producer. When Tameka is not working to positively empower those around her, she can be found spending quality time with her husband of 24+ years and toddler duo, Aspen and Arden.


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