Ashley Micciche

I teach business owners how to transition from business ownership to retirement on their own terms!

Ashley Micciche is the co-owner and CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, a family-run advisory firm. She specializes in the unique needs and challenges that business owners face, and helps them create highly customizable, successful exit plans. A frequent podcast guest and experienced onstage speaker, Ashley is not your typical financial presenter. Her podcast, The One Minute Retirement Tip, has over 140,000 lifetime downloads. As a four-time humorous speech champion, she brings her award-winning style to delight and engage audiences.

Ashley speaks to business owners about: How Business Owners Can Protect & Grow The Value Of Their Business During Pandemic. Business owners are craving actionable ideas about how they can emerge on the other side of this pandemic stronger, and Ashley delivers with ideas and solutions that are quick and easy for owners to implement.

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