Paul Claxton

"Public Speaking is the ULTIMATE marketing and communication tool. This is why the President gives speeches often, and it is why leaders of big brands do it when they don't have to" - PC

My motto is Advancing Society Forward and Improving People’s Lives.

My goal is to accomplish that statement and pay it forward to the world through my business endeavors. I believe we are here to serve others, not ourselves, otherwise we would all live alone, on an island somewhere. We share this world together.

I am a Global Serial Entrepreneur who enjoys the journey and loves quotes; one of my favorites:

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."
Elon Musk -

My interest includes sustainable development goals, future economies, supporting underserved communities, decreasing dependence on non-renewable resources, and wellness initiatives for veterans.

My network includes Government officials across the world, former professional sports athletes, venture capitalists, and other extremely successful entrepreneurs.

Most of my domain interest in technology lies in Healthcare, AR/VR, IoT, Smart Technologies, Robotics, AI and Machine Learning

Right now I serve as a board advisor for tech companies and investment committees. To date, I have started a non-profit, bootstrapped multiple companies and raised capital for others.

I am a public speaker and I have spoken about business and personal development at quite a number of higher profile organizations such as the Silicon Rotary Club and the International Trade Council. I have also made a number of editorial appearances.

Currently I mentor on (My Veterati profile can be accessed here in the Link: ) and (not publicly available) - I believe we learn more from our mentees than we do our seniors and peers.

My life has taken me to live in multiple countries to include being stationed in Iraq, and living in Mexico and the United Kingdom and of course the USA.

Right now I am working on self-authoring my first business book called Building the Nucleus as well as working towards completing my Masters at Harvard Extension School.

I am an awarded business leader and previous active duty highly-decorated U.S. Marine. I spent 11 years on active duty and completed 4 total tours in Iraq β€” Iraq 2003 Invasion, 2004, 2007, and 2009 β€” amounting to 3 years in country total, respectively.

If you decide to connect with me, you will have a business partner and friend for life.

View my personal CV here:

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