Julie Lokun

I am Obsessed with humans on the verge of change

? Julie Lokun has a proven track record in personal performance coaching with a Master's Certification in life coaching and a Juris Doctorate. She is an acclaimed author, of Hustle Smart, which gives you privileged access to building a successful business from the ground up. Her expertise is in personal branding and creating visibility for new businesses.
?Her legal background is the cornerstone for expertise in walking women through high conflict divorce
?​Julie is the creator podcast host of OBSESSED, a self-improvement show that dives deep into the topics that women deal with daily.
? Julie's core mission is to pay it forward, As an activist for equalizing the human experience, she founded the grassroots advocacy group #REALMECAMPAIGN which encourages young women to volunteer in different capacities.
? Julie understands the power of your mind and facilitates substantive change through her coaching. For nearly a decade Julie has assisted her clients in reaching their goals through accessing their peak performance. Her accolades include awards in business development, career transitional expertise, and relational change management.
?​Julie is known in the industry as a thought leader in optimizing human relationships, both personal and professional and seeks to motivate her clients to live their best lives.
?THE MISSION AS A PODCAST--OBSESSED (with humans on the verge of change)
Consider us your personal development entourage. We empower and educate women to live the lives they are meant to be living. Our panel includes a therapist, a nutritionist, a coach, and a self-esteem expert. We are curious and want to expand our minds as well as our listeners. As a collective- we get what women are going through each and every day. We understand the roller coaster of life--and we are ready to strap in.
✨ Coach Tristin is a therapist and obsessed with emotional well-being.
✨Coach Tia is a nutritionist and obsessed with the heart-centered wellness journey.
✨Coach Mika is a self-esteem expert and obsessed with placing a crown on the head of all women.
✨Coach Jules--well that's me. I am a Master's Certified Life Coach, I hold a Juris Doctorate (law degree), and am obsessed with equalizing the human experience. We only get one chance at this--let's be creative, let's be messy, let's dedicate our lives to leaving a legacy.
We are all about elevating the vibrational energy around us--and look to do so each and every week with our podcast.

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Podcasts by Julie Lokun

Obsessed (with humans on the verge of change)

We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your everyday and to become obsessed with your life.

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