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Doing Business With God

9 to 5er to 6 figure C.E.O. (Christian.Empowered.On the Money)
Mechi Renee is the Founder and COO of Unikorn Trybe. Mechi holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management with a concentration in Organizational Development. She has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Coaching and Project Management. Mechi Renee is Certified Mediator, Christian Life & Business Coach, Online Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Blogger and Writer. Mechi Renee helps high achieving Christian women ditch the hustle and build an impactful business online to make consistent profit. The women Mechi Renee serves want to go from employee to employer to live life on her own terms, making money from anywhere, doing anything, consistently making profit monthly. All while serving God and doing business God’s Way.

Mechi Renee has struggled for a long time trying to incorporate her faith into her business. She tried to leave God out so she didn’t offend anyone, but her business didn’t prosper so she decided to do business God’s way this time #doingbusinesswithGod. God is her C.E.O. (Chief.Executive.Officer).

Mechi Renee has watched many Christian women fail in business (including myself) over the last 10+ years because they lacked wisdom, skills or knowledge on how to launch and scale a business. All while keeping God first place in it. Mechi’s unique coaching approach called B.L.I.P.™ (Business Design. Life Design. Inner Process. Personal Development) helps her client have a balanced approach to coaching. She is a trendsetter as no one in the industry is using this coaching approach.

2020 has been especially hard in light of all the hardships we have endured as a nation and the world. It pushed Mechi out of her comfort zone. In April 2020 she became a full-time entrepreneur. She hasn’t looked back since.

Unikorn Trybe was born in December 2019, after a rebrand of being Mechi Renee Coaching for the previous 7 years. This Trybe is for women looking to create the life they love and the business they desire all while serving God.

Podcasts by Mechi Renee

Doing Business With God

The idea of starting a business, nonprofit or ministry can leave you feeling unsure of how to launch what you know God is calling you to do. All while learning how to allow God to be the C.E.O. (chief executive officer) of your business, nonprofit or ministry. This podcast will help you get started, help you grow, scale and monetize a business, nonprofit or ministry all while serving God. Doing Business with God™ podcast will be a combination of an interview and solo host format. Episodes will come out weekly. I will interview nonprofits, ministries, entrepreneurs, online business owners and influencers in various industries. We will talk all things, business, nonprofit, ministry, entrepreneurship, mindset, beliefs, manifestation and so much more.... Mechi Renee is a Life & Business Coach and the COO and Co-Founder of Unikorn Trybe, Christian entrepreneur, journeying life and business God's way.

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