Claire Laurer

1:1 Content Marketing Support for Photographers who want to outsource their content writing and more time taking photos

Claire Lauer is a content entrepreneur and educator focused on helping photographers find their dream clients on Google. She believes that photographers can find the right content partner to take that task off their plates so that they can focus on doing what they love - photographing! When content creation is properly outsourced, photographers can focus on taking good care of their clients while getting leads from Google.

Claire’s daughter was born in August 2020 and she quickly realized that her business needed major adjustment. She created a 2.5 day work week while maintaining her business income by documenting processes and finding support in her business and at home. Every business owner deserves balance on their way to achieving their biggest business goals.

She is also pursuing her life dream of writing a novel. Claire is currently working with a developmental editor before starting to pitch to publishing houses.

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