Alan Hennessy

Podcast, Social Media Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Helping Business Owners Break Through the Noise of Social Media Marketing

Head of Digital at Kompass Media and a Social Media Consultant and Trainer, Podcaster and Public Speaker with over 15 years experience in Digital Marketing and have worked in association with various government initiatives in providing consultancy and strategies on social media.

I currently manage Social Media accounts for a number of businesses, from SME's to medium enterprises and corporate clients.

I have focused my strengths on delivering a consultancy and training business delivering expertise in best business practices to my clients.

Join me for our weekly Podcast Series The Social Media Talks Podcast

Focus Areas.
Digital Marketing Strategies
Social Media Management
Social Media Training

My areas of expertise are Digital Marketing planning and strategies or small businesses. Social Media Training on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter teaching how to use social media to promote personal branding, profile individuals, and businesses plus protecting your online reputation on these networks.

As part of my role, I oversee the support of businesses through innovative website design, strategies and implementation, offering new and exciting concepts as part of a strategic business and marketing plan online and offline.

A passionate professional, with an excellent understanding of relationship management skills, constantly driven to deliver customer satisfaction and professionalism with a strong business acumen ensuring the highest standard of service to all clients and delivering value for the customer.

1. Digital and Content Marketing
2. Social Media Consultancy and Management
3. Social Media Training
4. Podcasting
5. Website consultancy
6. Digital Event Planning & Management
7. Communication
8. Customer Service
9. Professional Speaker
10. Online Reputation

Can I help or assist you with marketing your business online or Social Media Training.
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Social Media Talks Podcast

Social Media Talks, is a weekly podcast hosted by Alan Hennessy Head of Digital at Kompass Media. On our weekly show, we interview leading Social Media Influencers, Marketing Business Entrepurers on all aspect of business and explore how Digital Marketing can increase your ROI, plus we also talk about the latest trends and tools for Social Media.

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