Matthew Plotner

I have learned how to overcome destructive anger.

I am the host of two podcast as well as two YouTube channels. Here is a quick introduction to my story.
Back in 2009, I was arrested after my wife and I got into a loud argument. I spent the next twenty-four hours in jail. They charged me with simple battery and told me to take an anger management class. I never saw myself as angry, violent, or controlling.
It turns out I was (and still am) all three! As I spent the next twelve weeks in this class, I came to realize I had some serious work to do on myself. I finished the program but felt I still needed the guidance it was offering.
To fix this, I kept going to the class voluntarily for almost three years. In that time I had learned so much about myself, my anger, and my need for control. I was also, occasionally, teaching this class for the instructor when he was away. I found that my story and my slow transformation could help others in their own journey.
In 2014 I opened my FVIP and anger management class in Georgia. I have spent a great deal of time still learning and finding new approaches to help myself and others. I have found Buddhism and really enjoy what it has shown me. I have been adapting its teachings to my life.
I am no longer teaching and have left my program as of 2018. I still really enjoy the work and want to help people but I do not feel that running an FVIP with the state is the best way to do this. I want to connect with people and reach them in a way that is just not possible with the stipulations involved in teaching with the state.
I still have a long way to go on my journey of personal growth. I, however, know it is possible for me and all who seek to make these positive changes for themselves. I hope you will join me as I share what I have learned and what I still struggle with almost daily.

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Podcasts by Matthew Plotner

That Anger Management Crap

Anger is an epidemic in our modern society. Road rage, workplace violence, and so much more. I want to help. I have taught anger management for years. Now I am bringing all that I have learned here. Each episode I will cover a topic related to anger and its many subtleties and nuances.

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