Dr. Aaron D. Tressler

Chiropractor Playing Rugby at 55, Natural Health Expert

Dr. Aaron Tressler is the chiropractor and owner of In8Life, author of 5 health books, President of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, International Chiropractic Association member, Creator of IN8LIFE weight loss system, developer of The Chiropractic Authority coaching platform, and host of the Making Pittsburgh Healthy Podcast.

Dr. Tressler's passion for natural health and healing extends back to childhood. Growing up, he suffered with chronic gastrointestinal issues, allergies and sinus problems. His struggles through sports injuries and back pain led him to his first chiropractic experience in high school. And then witnessing his father die from heart disease at age 50, he vowed to never allow this to happen to him and was determined to find an answer. His experienes and discoveries led him into his passion and career in corrective chiropractic care.

As a chiropractor, entrepreneur, and health expert of 30 years, Dr. Tressler specializes in revitalizing life to the fullest naturally with chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and mental strength.

Dr. Tressler's faith in the body's innate ability to heal has grown stronger over time. But it wasn't until age 49 where he was really put to the test. Out on a bike ride, going 30 MPH down a hill, his front tire completely released and came off. As he rapidly came crashing down to the pavement, hitting the side of his head and right shoulder, he bounced to a halt in excruciating pain.

X-rays revealed a severe scapula fracture and his doctors prescribed opioids and a terrifying prognosis. Knowing the high risk of addiction and side effects, opioids were never going to be an option for Dr. Tressler. He took healing into his own hands and within 2 ½ months, he ran a 5k, in 5 months, bench pressed 225 pounds, and in 8 months, was back to playing rugby.

Dr. Tressler would love to share his story, his faith, and the 4 core health concepts that allowed for his incredible recovery.

Read more about his story here: https://www.makingpittsburghhealthy.com/host

Check out his free health courses: https://www.thepainfreeway.com/

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