George Smart

Mr. Modernism: Sharing and Saving America's Wealth of Mid-Century Modern Architecture

George Smart is an accidental archivist. From a late night Google search in 2007, his small but intrepid nonprofit staff and volunteers have built the largest open digital archives for residential mid-century Modernist design in the world. George is founder and Executive Director of USModernist ® and NCModernist ®, nonprofit organizations for the documentation, preservation, and promotion of Modernist design with 15 national, state, and local awards.

DWELL called George the Lorax of Modernist houses. He received the 2016 AIA Institute Honors for Collaborative and Professional Achievement, one of the AIA's highest honors for a non-architect. He is a frequent speaker at design, real estate, and architecture organizations including Palm Springs Modernism Week, the New York School of Interior Design, and WestEdge.

George is Producer and Host of the podcast USModernist Radio, named by DWELL as the #2 architecture and design podcast, with guests including Daniel Libeskind, Moshe Safdie, Josh Ramus, Tom Kundig, Paul Goldberger, Jake Gorst, Alan Hess, Larry Scarpa, Frances Anderton, Kyle Bergman, Tim Ross, Hicks Stone, Chris Rawlins, Harry Bates, Allison Arieff, Alison Brooks, Eric Lloyd Wright, Kelly Lynch, Eames Demetrios, Raymond and Dion Neutra, Susan and Eric Saarinen, Alexandra Lange, Nathanial Kahn, Kate Wagner, and Sarah Susanka, among many others. He has written for Atomic Ranch magazine and travels from Raleigh/Durham NC. He is @mr.modernism on Instagram.

Podcasts by George Smart.

USModernist Radio - Architecture You Love

Listen to one of the top-rated architecture podcasts as the USModernist® crew talks and laughs with fascinating people who own, create, love, and hate Modernist architecture, the most controversial houses and buildings in the world. Guests include Daniel Libeskind, Barbara Bestor, Moshe Safdie, Alexandra Lange, Paul Goldberger, Tom Kundig, Larry Scarpa, Josh Ramus, Kate Wagner, Helena Arahuete, Debbie Millman, David Brussat, Sekou Cooke, Lord Peter Palumbo, Eric Lloyd Wright, Carl Abbott, Marlon Blackwell, Frank Harmon, Sarah Susanka, Kelly Lynch, Eames Demetrios, Raymond and Dion Neutra, Eric and Susan Saarinen, Dirk Lohan, Brad Dunning, Nathanial Kahn, Tim Ross, Alan Hess, Hicks Stone, Craig Dykers, Hugh Kaptur, Harry Bates, Allison Arieff, Alison Brooks, Jim Cutler, Justin Shubow, and many others. Special musical guests (past and upcoming) include Lucy Woodward, Stacey Kent, Nneena Freelon, Eliane Elias, Jane Monheit, Jennifer Warnes, Heather Rigdon, Pat Kirtley, Colleen Du

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