John Hale

Expert on Successful Teams - How to Have Workers that Enjoy Life & Desire to be Safe, Productive and a Good Team Member

Feel like your employees don't seem to care?
Help Your Team Catch the "Why" Behind the What they Do

John Hale discovered the power of a smile, a story, and a laugh to engage employees on the value of their job and of fellow team members.

John started sharing humorous and inspiring personal stories,
including times when he was "that guy" the foolhardy risk-taker with both thrilling and terrible results. He has the scars to prove it. Workers are still talking about the take-away message a week later. As an Air Force Safety Manager it was two and a half years later he bumped into a former coworker who still remembers John's humorous story '10 Tons of Mud'. More importantly, he remembers the moral of the story.

The message was not just another safety briefing but a dynamic message on teamwork, leadership, and having eyes on your team members.

Weeks, months, and years later workers still remember John’s stories
-Hypnotizing Chickens, Up a Creek, A Dairy Cow named Sweetie Pie, and A Backyard Roller Coaster. John Hale enjoys speaking to organizations about Successful Teams, Employee Engagement and, Safe Workers Through Engagement.


John does a great job putting the concepts into action and demonstrates how culture can function with the right support, commitment, practice, and beliefs. L.M.

My favorites are when he falls into a trench at night, and when his mother is saved by a Wonder Woman type heroine, on a Hawaiian beach. R.B.

Good common-sense advice and ideas to operate safely. I enjoyed the personal stories that are relatable and helpful to remember the lessons taught. R.A.

John shares his wealth of experience to convince lax workers to step up and help each other avoid unrecoverable accidents. N.D.

Let's talk. Let's see if as a guest, I would be a good fit for your program and if your program is a good fit for my message.


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