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Management Professional - Looking to talk about my latest Self Help Book

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About Prateek Dhariwal

Prateek Dhariwal is an ardent sales and marketing professional known for his creative problem-solving skills and ability to effectively sell solutions to partners and clients. He holds an MBA from the prestigious SP Jain School of Global Management, equipping him with a strategic and global perspective on business. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, laying a strong foundation in technical acumen.

Beyond the confines of his professional life, Prateek enjoys indulging in various hobbies and interests. He finds solace in sports, both as a participant and an avid spectator, appreciating the physical and mental challenges they present. His love for music and meaningful content fuels his creativity and provides a well-deserved break from his work schedule. Additionally, he nurtures a deep wanderlust, seizing opportunities to travel and explore new cultures and landscapes.


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