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About Dan Stillman

The hardest thing that we all face in our lifetime will often give us the greatest results. Results that we never imagined possible. A life well lived means we can turn around when we’re older and feel fulfilled because we overcame the very obstacle that was keeping us from living out our dreams. But that very thing that’s keeping us from living our lives is making us feel self-conscious, thinking we’re not good enough, rushing into large decisions because family and society tell us to, or fear taking risks because of your fear of failure.

Personally, I'm living testimony that it is possible to break free from pain and sufferings brought about past experiences. Growing up as an only child and experience physical abuse and anti-Semitism, having been abandoned by my dad and close family at 4 years old because of my mother’s strength to come out of the closet in 1974. To add, I managed to grow up with little to no guidance from an adult and when I eventually became one, life once again challenged me with my mom's diagnosis of cancer and a marriage that resulted to divorce. Fortunately, I was able to rise above all odds, with a renewed mission to help other people get out of that same pain and numbness and to start living to their full potential.

What if you could live your life as your true authentic self instead of living within society’s rules, learn to question your thoughts in real-time so you can break free from living in the hamster wheel, bounce back quickly from adversity instead of living in a slump, and effectively communicate your feelings and needs so you don’t always feel stuck in “this is how life is”?

I accomplish this by offering my Get Real, Heal & Deal online course that can be helpful for people by learning the three negative behavioral patterns they do unknowingly daily and the three antidotes that will transform their lives into a more meaningful and impactful one. In addition, I also developed three Bounce Back Better 6-month Integrative Nutrition programs for those who want to take the holistic health route to their own health journeys that supports a lifestyle change physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Change takes Focused effort, feedback and guidance from an experienced Positivity Psychology Integrative Wellness Coach. Your best years are ahead of you and taking control of the present can help solidify that future you’ve been searching for!


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  • Mental Health
  • Holistic Health