Ellie Garnham

Clearing blocks from past lives, activating psychic gifts from past lives, and twin flame work through dreamstate.

My job is to work with the past so you can level up your present.
I guide you into the lives where you were psychic & had special abilities, and activate these so you can fully access and embody them in your present life.
I guide you into earlier memories from your present life, or pastlives that are causing huge pains, blocks, & fears in your present life. Together, we understand the original root cause of the trauma, we heal it, and release it. Creating space for for higher vibrational energy to move you into alignment with your highest most successful timeline.
My own psychic gifts have skyrocketed since becoming a QHH practitioner.
Most of my visions and work is carried out in my dream state. I have met and worked with my twin flame over the years in my dreams and he has helped me overcome fears, shadows and traumas that previously, I kept running from. I have travelled into my own pastlives in my dreams and have unearthed buried truths and abilities that have deepened & strengthened my own gifts. I have rescued children from DUMBS and in far away places through my dreams too.
I am looking to help awaken beautiful starseeds to their gifts through Quantum Healing & Past Life work. Activating the dream state & the ability to literally transform your present reality through your dreams and pastlives.

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