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Lee coaches 3 pillars for social and emotional health: confidence, direction and resilience.

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About Lee Hopkins

Lee Hopkins (he/him/his) is a coach, podcaster and founder of the www.Patternsofpossibility.com. The Patterns of Possibility helps marginalized communities recognize how to use patterns of behavior to build confidence, direction and resilience.

If you need an expert to talk about anything pertaining to socially & emotionally healthy humans, invite me to be a guest!

Topics that I can discuss:
Becoming authentic and true to one's self
How to recognize when you are stuck and what keeps you stuck.
Why many are not comfortable in our own skin and how they can accomplish it.
The difference between agreement and understanding and why it's important to know the difference.
Why having a good intention is not enough.
How to defeat shame and build self esteem.
The key to making genuine and meaningful connections with others.
The importance of planning (even if it's for a few hours away) and seeing a future for yourself.
Conversation and communication hacks: Verification and Validation, Deflection, Redirection, Rejection

Interview Questions You Can Ask Me
What does it mean to be socially and emotionally healthy and why is it important?
Why is it that so few marginalized communities develop social and emotional health?
What is confidence direction and resilience and why are they important to social emotional health?
How can everyone use pattern recognition to confront everyday challenges?
What keeps us from being connected with others, even though we may want to be?
How can we use these tools in these uncertain times with COVID & visible racism?
What are some of the skills of developing confidence, direction and resilience?


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