Trina Cannon, Broker/Owner, The Cannon Realty Group

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The 3 Systems Every Realtor Needs to Have a Sustainable Multiple Six-Figure Business!

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About Trina Cannon, Broker/Owner, The Cannon Realty Group

Meet Trina Cannon, a seasoned real estate broker and coach dedicated to empowering agents with practical solutions. With her innovative implementation program, real estate agents can walk away from her events with fully developed systems tailored to their business needs, primed to boost referrals and drive success.

Harnessing over 13 years of experience, Trina understands the importance of efficient systems in real estate. Her unique approach ensures that agents not only learn but also implement strategies effectively, setting them up for long-term success.

Impressively, 70% of her business stems from repeat clients and referrals, a testament to the effectiveness of her relationship building systems. By equipping agents with the tools they need to thrive, she continues to make waves in the real estate industry, one successful agent at a time.


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